Who is Shamekah Shaw?

 The Short Version…

I am a nurse who decided to become a holistic wellness practitioner to help lead people and organizations in cultivating A.W.E. (Alignment-Wellness-Empowerment).

But More Than That…

I am a single mother to three awesome kids and my passion is to help people and systems achieve total AWEsomeness. I love to see untapped potential unleashed through proper healing and wholeness in the mind (soul), body, and spirit and to be an example and teacher of truth and love that shifts paradigms in culture.

Here’s The Whole Story… 

I grew up with the expectations from my family to do great things because of the potential that they would always tell me they knew was in me. I was a scholar student that became a great party girl in college. The minor details of the years gone by never stopped me from going on to become a nurse and earn many other degrees and certifications. As a matter of fact, I had my daughter the first semester of nursing school. The love of learning never left me, though at times it was buried underneath a plethora of life experiences. I rediscovered my true love for learning as a result of the longing to become healed and whole. Honestly, for awhile I was chasing knowledge to combat my imposter syndrome and people pleasing. It is amazing what happens when we understand our value and God’s original design for us as whole individuals created in His image. 

My Personal Healing Journey

I spent several years at the beginning of my transformative journey with God being consumed with my spiritual well-being and getting it right…honestly there was perfectionism and unhealthy religion that God had to deliver me from. God began to lovingly show me that He was not only concerned with my spiritual health, but the state of my soul, mental health, and physical body. I have experienced years of trauma, abuse and poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and unhealthy eating habits and began to realize it had taken its toll on my mind, emotions, and body. I was diagnosed with Adrenal fatigue, SIBO, and went though therapy for PTSD. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD as well after my son received a diagnosed. When I say I understand what you are going through…I certainly have a plethora of adventures and personal things I can pull from. I have observed that as a society, we have tried to compartmentalize our soul, spirit, and body but I discovered just how integrated they are. One affects the other…and when you throw in all the other factors such as our relationships, culture, environment, education (or lack of), careers, etc. we can  begin to see the intricate and widespread web that we call life. As I began to go on a journey towards my AWEsome life, I learned that it was my desire to help others on their journey as well. I have learned it takes more than prayer (although prayer is vital) to achieve the AWEsome life God created us for.  It takes a decision to be AWEsome.



Building a Legacy of Love & Truth

The adventure I find myself on has shifted to being a woman of AWEsomeness. I made the decision to understand the need for healing and wholeness from toxic and abusive relationships. Relationships that involved others as well as an unhealthy relationship with myself. I am here to teach my children and others what love and truth are instead of the deceptions that we encounter in society, our families, and in our minds and hearts because of so many things such as religion, fear, shame, guilt, and a lack of awareness or knowledge. I have decided to foster an environment of Kingdom innovation, wisdom, stewardship, healing and creativity. I choose to build a legacy that puts God first. I have learned that as we choose to seek His truth, we will find our needs met and exceeded, the ability and strength to persevere, and a life of wholeness. Nothing missing.

My Mission

I have a desire to see people succeed in life and live in a state of wholeness and abundance. My journeys in life have allowed me to encounter and overcome a vast array of experiences. And through it all I learned that our circumstances, our beginnings, our detours and mistakes do not determine our destination. We all have a choice.  I have had many valley and mountaintop experiences. Some of those valley experiences were because of poor choices and some were a result of dealing with trauma/abuse and a lack of acknowledgment to truth that exists in the world. A world that has operated in the opposite of what was originally intended by God for us and has led to darkness, hate/injustices, greed, and an incorrect awareness of what true love is. The agape love of God that heals, transforms, and exhibits the full expressions of this love which include

  • joy that overflows
  • peace that subdues
  • patience that endures
  • kindness in action
  • a life full of virtue
  • faith that prevails
  • gentleness of heart
  • strength of spirit

(Galations 5:22-23 TPT)