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what is my why?

 The vision of Keys to SOAR Consulting is to empower individuals and organizations to change the status quo by becoming the best of the best and influencing the world around them. This is accomplished by helping individuals and organizations to have proper alignment in every aspect of existence with the wisdom of God. My goal is to encourage and equip others to make a lasting impact in culture by living and leading a life of integrity, excellence, and compassion. I thrive on shifting paradigms to encourage people to believe in a greater purpose, honor individuality, and celebrate diversity

 Create a Dynamic Team 

Having a diverse team of engaged people is always important for the success of any organization. There is a wealth of talent and skills that may be in the people that make up your team, but it doesn’t matter if you do not help to foster their growth or if they feel as if they are not a part of the team. Another vital component of an organization’s success is effective communication and the power of synergy. People need an environment that will not only help cultivate their growth, but to also help them gain insight into themselves and understand others. To be able to walk authentically as unique individuals and honor the diversity of  a well-rounded team.

 Have an Active Vision & Strategy  to Becoming the Best Leader/Leadership Team

I have had the opportunity to hold positions as a leader in my career as a registered nurse as well as receiving training through various programs including the John Maxwell Certification Program. The ultimate leadership training I have recieved has been from the Bible and has shaped my development of a signature leadership training called ELITE™. My personal leadership philosophy is that a  leader is someone who has an unwavering passion for pursuing excellence, the faith to endure and persevere through challenges, the belief that every situation provides an opportunity for growth and improvement, and the expectancy and desire to foster the abilities and gifts of those he/she encounters. I would love to help you become the leader who understands that it is more than a title, but the opportunity to leave a legacy of greatness through integrity and serving others. A success that will truly outlast your life in the earth in addition to organizational growth and wealth. 

Maintain A Healthy & Vibrant Culture

Create a culture of holistic health that encourages care for every individual as well as the organization as a whole. Burnout, mental and physical fatigue, and stress can lead to extensive losses at every level. Every business is comprised of individuals that weave the thread of success. When every person is taken care of holistically, it will lead to better outcomes. The mental and physical well being of people will allow for better performance, more engaged staff, and less expenses related to turnover and preventable illnesses. It is time to change the culture in businesses that force (or strongly encourage) people to sacrifice health and mental wellness for success.

I Give Hands-On & Virtual Workshops

If you are interested in any training for your team, I would love to discuss what options are available.