Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is coaching and who is it for?

Coaching is a process of taking a person where he/she and helping them move towards their future. It is helping people recognize  obstacles or limiting mindsets and then establishing strategies to overcome them in various areas such as life, relationships, and career. A life coach is for people who feel stuck, are going through a transition in life, or desires growth.

2. What is consulting and what are the benefits?

Consulting is the process of allowing an expert to come in and help your organization by providing assessments, feedback and strategies for specific areas of need. The benefits can be

  • flexible contract work
  • an independent source of advice that can be more focused
  • diversity of perspective
  • experiences outside of the company
3. Why am I qualified?

In addition to knowing that this is the reason I was created by God and placed in the earth, I have invested in many years of training, education, and life experiences. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing and a MBA degree. I am a certified Soul Care Practitioner and I also have several certifications in life coaching, biblical life coaching, DISC consulting, and human behavior consulting.

4. Are these services only for Christians and religious organizations?

 I am not shy about my faith and utilizing the truths of God and the Bible in my work, but I wholeheartedly believe that my services can and should be utilized in both secular and non secular arenas. You do not need to be a Christian or a religious organization to use my services. I am capable to do training and consulting professionally for companies and institutions, but I will not deny the foundation of my beliefs when asked.

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